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Play Ball

Goodyear stadium/AZ/pnj
Indians manager Terry Francona signs some love/pnj
million dollar stretches/pnj

Spring’s pilgrimage to Cactus League baseball denies all the injustices of boys playing a field game for millions of dollars while charging adoring fans $9 for a cup of beer.  Despite the inequity,  we continue to trek to sun spotted parks with pristine outfields, manicured tracks and a slow game of strategy and skill, athleticism and even danger.  We witnessed All-Star Cinci Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman getting hit by a line drive after throwing a 99 mph speedball against the Kansas City Royals catcher, Salvador Perez .  Chapman will be out for two months.  The game was called.  Royals won.   We saw the Indians win a slug fest against the SF Giants and then the Royals lose to the Angels.  Check out your local AAA ball and the college circuit.  The stadiums are small, the game is good and the beer is cheaper.

The Prospect of Three Score

Since I’ve had an AARP card for almost ten years, the next decade moves me into another bracket for, let’s say, a sprint triathlon.  So with one rotation of the earth, I’ll be competing as the youngest in the bunch.  I’ll need the advantage since it’s my first.  While gardening certainly gives me ample exercise, there is nothing like the challenge (fear notwithstanding) of the unknown.  It’s more a commitment to health than competition.  It’s a commitment to trying new things, to pushing beyond comfort zones.  Where would we be if humans and others weren’t compelled to explore new territory?  As Anonymous once said…DSCN1152Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.