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As Rumi so aptly put, This being human is a guest house.  Every morning a new arrival.  So every day provides an opportunity to provide our host with a small token of appreciation for the hospitality.  For me it might be turning the compost, serving a new recipe, of course writing, or simply walking the dog.  No matter the circumstance, focusing on the matter at hand and completing it with thoughtfulness is all that matters.  Especially in relationships.  That’s my creed.  Not always easy.

Few of us travel a straight road through life. misfirings, decades of distraction, moments of insight, and determination to see it through to the end have allowed me to pick at unraveling the hairball of life. So many occupations – a brief stint as a Paso Fino horse trainer, civic event director around an Indy Car race, writer for Tartan Yachts and the Cleveland Browns, yoga student and Kashmir traveler, theater producer, hitchhiker through New Zealand, crew member on France I from Tahiti to New Zealand, observer of the DC politics, fundraiser, and most importantly, wife mother, grandmother.

Reading this myself it seems like such a wild ride yet going back, the devil is in the detail of daily tasks down to each emotion, thought, breathe, and then perhaps, silence…

photoFinally, I’m a Possibilitarian





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  1. Would like to reconnect with you! Could you send me a quick email? I don’t use other social media much beside email and text.
    Warm best wishes
    Renee Shepard
    Renee’s Garden Seeds

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