Autumn 2016

There is a lot of noise this fall.  Election screeching, shrill shrieking craziness as the circus draws close to the climax.  Is it a cop out to turn down the volume?  Avoid the FB posts, the sniping and gloating?  Since how my vote will be cast has been decided, it’s not necessary for me to listen anymore, right?  The sporting event hype for debates, and the gladiator take no prison hunger in a mob hysteria drumbeat, is pretty scary.  More than scary.   But my choice to opt for quiet remains.

Since the spring, I’ve been registering voters.  At the local co-op mostly, shopping malls and various events.  Registrars are impartial.  We’re just making it possible for people to vote.  So in some ways it’s risky.  Am I enabling someone to vote who will cast it for the person I’m against?  But this is the task of democracy, that crazy experiment still evolving.  Realizing that there will be people who see the world from a completely different frame of reference.

I have faith in the American voters that the right person will be chosen.  I pray for it.  For people who don’t vote, they’ve opted to mute their voice.  Complaining isn’t optional.

Seasonally Appropriate