Spring 2020

20 March 2020 Two months ago, three weeks ago, a week ago who would have thought that the world, our familiar world would be so very different. Is it disorienting? Alienating? Scary? All these come to mind as we move forward moment by moment, living so deeply in the present because what was once reliable, assumed, taken for granted is now precious, special, perhaps out of reach. I found this particularly comforting. Not that it offers solutions, but merely affirmation of our human condition.

Only a few weeks ago, effortless travel allowed us to escape to exotic places. Hawaii is exotic isn’t it?

Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe ( 1546-1601) designed this complex instrument call the Armillary Sphere. He did not invent it, that took place in China around 4th century BC. But this lovely celestial globe designed to pinpoint star positions to determine our place in the universe. Were we the center of the universe? That was left to Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) to determine. He had the advantage of a telescope. Tycho Brahe’s first child died of the plague. So much turmoil amidst his passionate desire to explain the natural world.

This sculpture by David Harber is located on the campus of St. John’s College Santa Fe, New Mexico campus. The stunning globe represents a wellspring of enormous creative capacity we all possess. In this time of reflection, perhaps we can find a new pursuit to follow, a whim we have always been curious about, or simply look up at the stars and wonder what place we have amongst them.

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  • ABOUT THE HEADER PHOTO: That’s the Rio Ojo Caliente near Cliff River Springs that’s about an hour from Santa Fe. It’s a magical place with a spring fed summer swimming hole! Do visit!

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