Santa Fe Plaza

On this Saturnalia, AKA winter solstice, there are a few updates…A Coyote Year,  and Random Act of Books, (a varied list of current reads…). Somehow  Jennifer Senior’s essay, With a Little Help From Their Friends (and Agents and Librarians and Fact-Checkers …) reminds me  of a web site.   It’s an acknowledgement of interests, ideas and obsessions so perhaps the connection.

The interesting unfolding for me is while I have an active interior mind (subjectively speaking) and lots going on in the physical world, there has been a reluctance to share to strangers, fellow passengers on this wildly rotating planet, who may have happened upon my site in the middle of the night, although how, I cannot imagine.  We are all in that state fair barrel when the floor drops out and centrifugal force presses one and all against the wall, spinning together, so a bit of sharing is in order, I guess.

Light will begin to lengthen our days even though the wintry chill and fury may remain for several months.  As one who cherishes the dark nights and exquisite southern slanted light, it gives me great pleasure to add this link to British Airways pilot and talented writer, Mark Van Hoenacker’s essay At Solstice, In Praise of Darkness.

Soon New Year’s Resolutions are in order.  I think back on a recent trip to Paris and a most magical New Year’s Eve at
St. Sulpice.  Resolutions? Each day brings many opportunities in small moments.  It’s up to each individual to create a journey worthy of the privilege of being alive.  I look forward to waking and yes, the light.

Seasonally Appropriate