Summer 2022

Already the sun shifts. In New Mexico we are getting a welcome monsoon. Actual cloudy days. The earth relaxes and also sputters as it tries to absorb the unaccustomed moisture. In the midst of the joy there is also deep sorrow and bewilderment for events taking place. A war, rights removed, empowerment to the powerful, disregard for the fragility of the planet. Rational thinking seems to have gone by the wayside. Plants are my stalwarts. They grow and sometimes thrive, they acknowledge attention and sit still waiting for the right moment to bloom. Or, if the cycle is not providing, they die and enrich the soil that the gardener is constantly amending. A robin has nested in the wall sconce and sits courageously while humans go on about their lives. Bluebirds have fledged a family. The wonderment continues despite a grand engulfing sense of loss and grief for us all.

Seasonally Appropriate